Monday, January 20, 2014


  • White chiffon button up - GU | Tweed track pants - GU | Bracelet - Forever 21 | Clutch - ESPRIT | Blane tassel loafers - Jeffrey Campbell  

Photographed by : Ricky Ang 

I know I was away for quite sometime, but it feels nice to be blogging again. Let's hope I wont be absent for this long again. Between everything thats going on in my life, I finally had the time to take some pictures for an outfit post. Just so you know, I've been obsessed with this track pants ever since I bought it. I especially love the combination of tweed and leather. You just can never have too many cozy pants. Instead of going for the sporty look, I went for a plain white chiffon button up, which by the way has been very useful due to its versatility. For the accessories, I decided to keep it minimal this time by going for a gold chain bracelet only.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Untitled, seriously

For once, I'm not gonna type out words explaining stuffs in the pictures uploaded because seriously, what can I say about a typewriting machine? I'm just gonna end up boring the hell out of everyone, including myself. This is me, purely sharing a couple of shots I took, no deep explanations of the history of typewriting machines, nor a thought out essay on my hidden fascination with typewriting machines, no nothing. Simple as that, really.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Wild heart

Photographed by : Ricky Ang 

Another item of clothing I've received from the lovely Persunmall. This time around, I chose this versatile little lace dress that could easily work as the foundation of my daily outfit. I find it pretty easy to find something that matches this particular dress, mainly because it's white. When deciding what to wear, I usually pick a piece of clothing that I usually call as 'the main ingredient' then I'll slowly work around it by finding other pieces that would match it. I've realized that this army green button down has been very useful in anyway possible. Not only it's perfectly useful to spice up an outfit, it's also useful when it comes to layering. It truly was a great buy.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Short film : Like Yesterday

I've teamed up with two of my friends to produce a short film for a 10 seconds movie competition. We immediately came up with ideas after we heard about this competition 2 weeks ago, we felt like it would be a great opportunity for us to showcase our work. Overall, it took us less than 2 days to come up with the story, film it all and finally edit it. It's a video of how I was reminiscing about a moment in my life after I found a polaroid picture captured during that particular time hidden in a book I planned to read. You can view it here, and please kindly vote for it while you're there by logging into your Facebook & Twitter and click the 'LIKE' button after you're redirected back to the page. Thank you! 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Seven Treasures

  • Jumpsuit - Unbranded | Floral shoes - Dr.Martens | Black leather rucksack - Unbranded | Rings - Diva | Hat - Forever 21 
Photographed by : Steffie Eddy

Judging from the different length of hair, you might notice these pictures were taken months ago. I kinda forgot to publish this post because you see, I uploaded the pictures to this post the same time I uploaded all other sets of pictures. So all the new blog posts just pile up above this one and this post was nowhere to be seen. Before the Bali trip, I had planned numerous of outfits to bring along. This was one of it, however I didn't have the chance to wear this considering the fuss of wearing a jumpsuit. It's always fun to wear a jumpsuit, until you have to go to the loo. But I felt like a jumpsuit fits in the whole summer vacation picture, which was why I brought it in the first place.