Monday, June 22, 2015

High School Farewell Party

Photos by Felix Tj & Glory Photo

These past couple of months have been absolutely hectic. From the ridiculous amount of reviewing and cramming all of the stuff I have learnt during my last 2 years of high school into my already tired brain, down to the continuous A Levels exams that went on for more than a month, on and off. The last day of my A Levels exam was the day where all of those burden were finally lifted, maybe not all of them, but most of them: there was still the dinner party to think of. Truthfully, it was more of a night where we got the chance to dress up, rather than a night where we actually bid farewell. Because let's face it, most of us are probably gonna stay in town for more or less a month, so it wasn't at all emotional. At least for me it wasn't. 

Being the control freak that I am, I put myself in charged of everything for the party, and thankfully, I managed to pulled some of my friends together to help me out. We spent almost a week preparing for the decoration while juggling our national exams at the same time. Wrong time to be planning party - I know, but DIYs are probably one of the things I enjoy doing the most, which is why I wasn't complaining. Out of all of the things we made: the photo booth props; the time capsules; the centre of the attraction would have to be the photo booth backdrop that we built out of PVCs and Christmas lights. I swear one time we just sat right there, across the backdrop, for more than 10 minutes, just watching the christmas lights flickered behind the sheer curtain, amused by our creation. So, witnessing everything come together that night was very gratifying, to say the least.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sequins & Tulle

Matching Sequin Top & Tulle Skirt - Handmade | Box Clutch - Handmade | Suede Heels - Forever 21 | Floral Necklace - H&M
Photographed by Albert Sumitio 

First things first, I've graduated high school! It felt surreal for a while. As cliche as it's going to sound, high school flew by very quickly. You know what, let's rephrase that, the entire 12 years of studies flew by very quickly. It sure didn't feel quick when I was fighting through the school days, but it feels like all those 12 years have just passed in a blink of an eye when I look back at them now. As a child I always wondered how it would feel like, graduating high school. For me, I always viewed it as a stepping stone to adulthood, as if the prep time is over and it's now the game time. Sure, stepping into the next stage of my life feels a little bit scary. But every time, I'm always reminded that I had been waiting for this moment for as long as I could remember. As far as I can say, it's entirely different to how my 5-year-old self pictured, everything from my last day of school to my graduation day. I mean, of course it would. I'm not a psychic or whatever. But all I can say is that, I am doing exactly what my 5-year-old self dreamed of doing. 

Well, that took a different turn from what I expected. So, you're wondering, how the hell does this outfit I'm wearing has anything to do with me graduating? If you don't follow me on instagram, you might not know that I just had a farewell dinner last week, and this was the outfit I was dressed in for the night. Inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's 80s fashion, I handmade everything from this outfit, with the exception of the suede heels and floral necklace. Too bad I wasn't bold enough to went all out with the lion hair and gazillion stacks of necklaces. But I did inject the crucial elements of the 80s fashion : Sequins & Tulle. Since the presence of sequins were fancy enough, I didn't want to overdo it, which is why I went for a clean silhouette for the top, just a top with a basic cut to throw over the puffy tulle skirt. 

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Bomber Jacket - Unbranded | Chambray shirt - Uniqlo | Shorts - Cotton On | Necklace - H&M | Quilted high-top sneakers - Forever 21 
Photographed by Edy Sun 
Even though I'm no serial layering girl, using a button up top as the foundation is truly my most favourite way of layering. Whether the outerwear is a granny cardigan or a cool bomber jacket, I always find myself gravitating towards a button up. With this chambray button up, a preppy hint was dusted on the otherwise, heavily urban-influenced look. I know sweatpants or jogger are the best way to go, but there is no hesitation that my every pair of sweatpants has been overused, all of them. So, instead, I opted for shorts. Same colour, same drawstring details, just different lengths and well, material. That should work too, no? 

Friday, May 15, 2015


Shirt - H&M | Peg trousers - Handmade | Everly Wrap Boots - Jeffrey Campbell | Stack Rings - H&M | Neo Victorian Ring - Accessorize 
Photographed by Edy Sun 

I'm currently waiting for the season finales of all of my favourite shows to air, so I thought I'd come here and type away, seeing that I have quite a few sets of unposted outfit photos. Quick update about my life, if anyone is even interested. But I am two weeks into my A Levels exams, so that would explain the lack of posts this month. Three weeks to go and I am a free woman. Okay, that sounded wrong. But enough with that. Let's talk about the outfit!

When I was brainstorming for the design of my first trousers, I wanted something super versatile and easy to wear. So, I came up with this pair of peg trousers with just enough pleats to give an illusion of a wider hip, which I have grown to love. But let's just say that it is a pain in the ass to keep them creaseless. In this look, I kept it simple with the white shirt and I threw the boots in just to add just a hint of masculinity. And say hello to my stacked rings! I haven't worn them for quite a while now. I have been sticking to necklaces most of the time. But my love of them hasn't fade away. I still don them once in a while. 


Thursday, April 16, 2015


Striped top - Muji | Faux leather wrap skirt - Handmade | Everly wrap boots - Jeffrey Campbell | Necklace - H&M 

Just something I wore the other day for a casual lunch with a bunch of my classmates. I went for this white faux leather skirt which I made a while back. It's actually one of the first few skirts I made when I first started out. To keep it clean, I picked out this good old striped tee and just tuck it in. I feel  like the art of tucking tops in is now fading ever since crop top made it's huge comeback. I can't deny I'm slowly leaning away from tucking in tops too. But I remember when I used to do it just so frequently that someone actually came up to me and point that out to me. I wouldn't have realised if it wasn't being said. 

Anyway, can't stay long. I got a bunch of school work to catch up to. These few weeks have been so busy that I haven't really had the time to review. I know, you'd probably be like "Wait, for what? The national exams are over". Oh no, no. That was just a warm up. A Levels is the headliner. 
So, see ya!